• 1st Grader A: What's your favorite time?
  • 1st Grader B: 1:30
  • 1st Grader A: Why?
  • 1st Grader B: [thinks long and hard] Because my sister is 1 years old

If you didn’t know, I AM THE BEST TEACHER IN HISTORY (well, according to my kids)! haha ^^ My kids wrote me cute notes. My favorite is: 

Dear Miss Lee,

You are the best teacher ever. You never fool around. I like it. You probably are the best teacher I’ll ever have. 

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  • Me: Remember to bring your booster seat and a bagged lunch for our field trip. Any questions?
  • 1st Grader A: What if somebody forgets and accidentally brings a plastic bag?
  • 1st Grader B: What if we bring our car seat and it's identical to somebody else's?
  • 1st Grader C: What if my mom is driving? Should I bring my booster seat anyway?
  • 1st Grader D: What if your car seat is too big for the car we're going in?
  • 1st Grader E: What if...?
  • There are 7 coconuts on the tree and then 3 fall off. How many coconuts are left on the tree?
  • Me: What's the equation for this problem?
  • 1st Grader: The equation is how to make coconuts.
  • Me: WHAT??!! I mean, what?????????????
  • 1st Grader: I want a dog like my cousin's. They're good pets AND they understand English. If you say, "Go fetch," it'll understand and fetch the ball.
  • Me: What kind of dog?
  • 1st Grader: A German Shepard.

Sometimes I am so impressed with my students that I am speechless.. 


After one lesson on verbs, my student identifies them on her research report! 


But sometimes they leave me speechless for other reasons… 

2. What do you think a “mistress” is? I miss my tety (teddy) bear.

What? haha! 



Me: ????????????????

1st Grader: ????????????????


1st Grader: ????????????????


My kids should believe me when I say, “I CAN SEE EVERYTHING!!” I love her apology… “I am sorry because I didn’t use my brain.” So cute ♥

*She did spell ‘brain’ correctly.. her ‘a’ is smushed ^^ 

  • 1st Grader: He's talking about a bad word.
  • Me: What's the bad word?
  • 1st Grader: The F-word!
  • Me: O.O What's the F-word?
  • 1st Grader: F--U--
  • Me: *GASP*
  • 1st Grader: ---N---K
  • Me: F-U-N-K? That's not a bad word.
  • 1st Grader: Oh *shrug* okay!
Photo Set

I love correcting spelling tests on Fridays because my kids always draw and/or write random things on the back when they’re finished. Here are my favorites from last week :)